Dangerous Cargo ( NC-17) by Nestra (slash)
"Mal takes on some new cargo that proves to be almost as troublesome as Simon and River."

Nestra got lots of attention for the cargo, but the finely drawn relationship between Simon and Mal is true genius.

Divergeance (R) by ana
"Snapshots of what might have been."
lovely multiple AUs, and with a brilliant take on Wash

Glass Walls (R) by ana
"Simon, Jayne, prison. A bit of a possible future."
not slashy, not really; kind of like Shawshank Redemption for Jayne

La Mal Idée and River Dancing by Dira (slash)
"Pre-slash set vaguely post-"Objects in Space". River gets a wonderful, awful idea, and Mal gets caught in the middle of it."

I love these for many reasons, but something about the "What would a best friend do?" sequence in the sequel just kicks me hard.

Left Behind (PG-13) by ana (deathfic)
"What about those who are left behind?"
more of ana's lovely multiple AUs, this time with bonus tears!

Noel (NC-17) by emungere/Eleanor K. (slash)
There's mistletoe on Serenity. Relationship issues ensue.
schmoopy in all the right ways

Oxygen (NC-17) by emungere/Eleanor K. (slash)
Jayne in the airlock after Ariel.
I love Jayne when he's thinking too hard.

Rock and a Hard Place: River
Rock and a Hard Place: Simon
Rock and a Hard Place: Kaylee (NC-17) by dirty diana (slash)

There's no good summary of this I can poach, and it's a story about a long-time situation, not an event, anyway.
Just read it.

Things that Haunt Us (series) by emungere/Eleanor K. (slash)
Simon... and Mal... and who needs a summary beyond that?
this is a complex story that takes us through "War Stories" and past the end of the season; it's plotty and full of fantastic character moments, like Greek squee and a whole host of allusions that I just adored


Selsun Blue, Gortex Green (NC-17) by emungere/Eleanor K. (slash)
I think the pairing speaks for itself by way of summary: Trent/Tom
There is a spare, lovely truth to this sketch.


Better (NC-17) by shalott (slash)
"Post-Jitters. Clark makes things better."
smutty and hot, but the benediction from Lex about Clark's lies slays me

Stalker (NC-17) by emungere/Eleanor K. (slash)
"Clark likes to watch"
whenever Lex addresses the issue of Clark's lies in a masterful way, I melt, ok?

Sweet Sixteen (R) by emungere/Eleanor K. (slash)
"Lex talking dirty to Clark in a public place"
Restrained Lex, while canon, seems to be a rarity in fanon. I adore this for that reason.

Waiting for Yes (R?) by shalott (slash)
"Futurefic, dark. Lex gets tired of waiting."

The OC

Penguins Do It, Too (PG) by Shoshanna Gold (slash)
"Do you really think people can meet the love of their life at sixteen?"
Yes, in this case, I do.


You Don't Remember (NC-17) by Juxian Tang (slash)
"Snape is amnesic. It isn't such a bad thing." (Harry Potter)
This was the first fic I read where I "got it." Thus, it will always be a favorite!

Umad Learns Sumerian (PG) by Annakovsky
"A fic about learning dead languages, when you're Dawn and it's the summer after season 6."
Dead language fic. Shoot! Why didn't anyone tell me??

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